About Tortilis

Tortilis camp was designed and built by Stefano Cheli, opening in 1994. A magnificent site belonging to a Maasai family from the local community, it had been promised to a big hotel developer who was struggling to get the Kenya Wildlife Service, at the time under the management of Dr Richard Leakey, to give permission to build a large 200 bed hotel. The Maasai family aproached Stefano and asked him if he would like the site, Dr Leakey approved the plans for a small environmentally friendly camp; and Tortilis Camp was born. (The original plans for Tortilis were in Dr Leakey’s briefcase when he was involved in a plane crash that lost him both legs; and the plans had to be resubmitted!).

Eco Meets Luxury

The first of its kind, Tortilis Camp was the first “boutique eco-lodge” in Kenya. Guided by a deep passion and respect for the wilderness, everything about Tortilis Camp is designed for minimal footprint. Built from local materials, and adhering to strict self-imposed environmental policies, Tortilis Camp is a prime example of responsibility meeting highest levels of comfort and luxury. Tortilis Camp continued its tradition of firsts by being the first camp of it’s size to be 100% solar powered.
Tortilis Camp won the prestigious Tourism for Tomorrow award for its ground breaking eco-design and ethos in 1996. Tortilis still is a leader in conservation, working with African Conservation Centre on maintaining elephant exclosures, preserving the Kitirua conservancy, and is a leader in Amboseli for social responsibility.

But Tortilis is not all about “eco” and “conservation”; Tortilis’ beautiful design takes advantage of the truly spectacular views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the best views in Amboseli, and complement them with some of the best cuisine and warmest hospitality in East Africa.

The Elewana Collection

In 2015 Tortilis Camp joined the Elewana Collection. With a collection of 15 boutique properties across the most iconic locations of Kenya and Tanzania, Tortilis Camp was a perfect fit for a Elewana’s ethos of authentic, luxurious safari experiences that respect East Africa’s spectacular wilderness . See all the Elewana Collection of properties here.