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The Olengaiya Swamp Enclosure

In the long-term, the ultimate objective is to install a series of exclosures within Amboseli to allow sufficient habitat rehabilitation in accordance with a sustainable rotational elephant grazing plan. However, we first need to verify whether those who travel far and wide to see the elephants of Amboseli will contribute to the restoration of Amboseli’s elephant habitat, ensuring elephant populations have a safe feeding ground for decades to come.

US$200-300 is sufficient to fund the maintenance of the fence for one month. If you are interested in helping us conserve this vital elephant habitat, please donate generously to the Elephant Habitat Conservation Project. Contact us to find out how.

Pack for a Purpose and the Esiteti Primary School

On your safari, through the Cheli & Peacock Community Trust you can really make a difference to the communities you are travelling near by donating stationary, text books, uniforms, food and sports equipment in person, directly to the staff and pupils of a school. We work closely with the Committees of each school to make sure that each donation addresses a genuine need highlighted specifically by the school staff and parents.

Tortilis supports the Esiteti Primary School just 20 minutes’ drive from camp, where you have the opportunity to donate vital supplies directly to the school in person. Contact Chania Frost our dedicated Project Manager, to find out exactly what Esiteti Primary School currently requires and ensure that you provide a genuinely needed contribution and have a meaningful interaction with Kenyan communities during your safari.

If you are considering bringing donations from abroad, visit the Pack for a Purpose website for very specific advice on what is needed. Please do note that when flying within Kenya, the internal flight weight restriction is 15kg and may therefore limit what you can carry with you to the camps and donate to the rural communities in person. We can always, however, donate anything over and above your weight limit on your behalf at a later date.