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C&P Properties Merging with the Elewana Collection

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Dear Friends,

As you can see from the announcement below, all the formal, legal stuff has finally been completed – thank goodness! We are all excited and have lots to look forward to. As you can imagine creating new websites, brochures etc., is going to take some time and we are planning a few launch parties during the year – watch this space.

Liz and I are especially excited, as with the larger team, we now have operational and admin support, and in both Kenya and Tanzania, can focus on the things we love and why we started this adventure all those years ago – food, guiding, walks, bush breakfasts ….. SAFARI !!

I am currently at ITB, and don’t forget that I will be at We Are Africa and Indaba soon – hope to see you there,

Best wishes

Stefano & Liz


We are extremely pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Cheli & Peacock Group of Companies by the Elewana Collection, which received final Government approval at the end of January 2015.

The acquisition will see the Cheli & Peacock properties, namely, Elsa’s Kopje, Elephant Pepper Camp, Joy’s Camp, Tortillis Camp, Kitich Camp and Lewa Safari Camp merge under the banner of the Elewana Collection to form a comprehensive circuit of 14 properties spanning the highlights of Northern Tanzania, Kenya and Zanzibar.

The table below shows the full extent of the portfolio that will fall under the Elewana Collection:

Elewana Collection

Cheli & Peacock Safaris will continue to act independently of the Elewana Collection under the leadership of Stefano and Liz Cheli. Stefano and Liz will focus on innovations within the Company to enhance its offering as a destination experience manager.

The merger of the Cheli & Peacock’s Portfolio with that of the Elewana Collection is now underway and we envisage a formal launch of the newly-merged Group by the middle of 2015. In advance of the launch we will provide you with details of any changes that may occur to the booking and reservations process. In the meantime it is very much business as usual and therefore please continue to make your reservations for the respective properties as you currently do.

For the Elewana Collection, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the rates for 2016 and 2017 will be available imminently. These will remain static – for the two years in question – in order to provide some degree of pricing visibility and much-needed stability in what has been a turbulent time for East African tourism.

It only leaves us to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our trade partners and suppliers for your continued support to both Cheli & Peacock and Elewana. We believe that the combination of Cheli & Peacock’s long-standing history and experience of safaris and that of our now enhanced regional product offering will deliver a truly genuine and memorable destination experience for all our mutual clients.

Karim S. Wissanji – Chairman & CEO,
Elewana Collection

Stefano and Liz Cheli – CEO,
Cheli & Peacock Safaris

Happy 20th Birthday, Tortilis Camp!

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Some twenty years ago, Stefano and Liz Cheli officially unveiled their very first property – Tortilis Camp. Nestled in its own private wilderness – the protected Kitirua Conservancy – on the south western edge of Amboseli National Park, this small boutique camp has, over the past 20 years, made quite an impact and is widely-considered to be the first eco-lodge of its kind in East Africa.

Year on year, Tortilis Camp has won awards for its ground-breaking design and innovative approach to sustainable tourism. In 1996, the camp won British Airways’ coveted Tourism for Tomorrow Award, scooped Best Safari Camp at the 2012 Kenya Tourism Awards and has featured, on numerous occasions, in the Condé Nast Traveller Gold List, Virgin’s HIP Hotels and Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. The awards cabinet is positively bulging!

As is fitting on any landmark birthday, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past 20 years and share with you our 20 favourite memories and surprising facts on Tortilis Camp:

1)      A vertiginous vista

Tortilis Camp enjoys arguably the best view of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world and the highest peak on the African continent.

2)     David over Goliath

Tortilis Camp was almost piped to the post by a 200-bed hotel. If it weren’t for the local Maasai landowners approaching Stefano and Liz regarding a camp more in keeping with its surrounds, Tortilis may never have been.

3)     Swapping spears for spades

Stefano and Liz set about building Tortilis Camp with the help of the local Maasai. However, until an impromptu armoury was built to keep their precious beautiful spears safe and sound, no one broke ground!

4)     A family affair

The camp and its surrounding land are still owned by the same local Maasai family. The head of the family supplies the camp with delicious local produce and often calls in for Sunday lunch!

5)     The oldies are the goodies

A great many of those that built the camp were taken on as staff, a majority of which still work at Tortilis Camp today.

6)     Let there be light!

The Silver Eco Rated Tortilis Camp is the first camp of a substantial size in Kenya – if not all of Africa – to operate 100% on solar power, 24 hours/day.

7)     Busy as a bee

Our resident hive of bees spends all day, every day kindly making our guests’ stays that bit sweeter. Having moved our buzzing friends from their rather usual haunts around camp to their lovely new homes on the hillside above camp, they’re busy making honey which should be ready for our breakfasts and souvenir jars by the end of this year.

 8)     Gold standard guiding

Tortilis Camp’s guides are some of the best in the country – Joseph Chege has just received his Gold KPSGA qualification and the level of his guiding work is comparable with that of a PhD thesis! Meanwhile, fellow guide Leperes Pilot is quite the linguist, happy to converse in Japanese!

9)     Leading Kenya’s culinary charge

Stefano’s mother trained the very first chef – a wonderful chap and highly talented chef, who sadly passed away in 1994. He is very much missed. Today’s current chef, Hamza is trained each and every year by Mama Cheli, who keeps a very close eye!

10)  The Italian Job

With Italian owners and camp managers at the helm, Tortilis Camp’s pasta prowess is impressive! The chefs make tagliatelle, ravioli and tortellini from scratch, on a daily basis.

11)   Tortilis goes ‘techy’

A brand new iBrochure can now be downloaded, for free, from iTunes! Find it here.

12)  A Garden of Eden

Tortilis Camp boasts Kenya’s most impressive shamba (vegetable garden), measuring 2500m². A staggering 20 kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown in this verdant little corner of Amboseli – all of which are eaten by the camp’s guests…and occasionally Adam, the visiting elephant!

13)  Something to make a splash about

Tortilis Camp is the only property of its kind in Amboseli to have two swimming pools – one beautifully cool pool surrounded by verdant gardens, and one brand new, private infinity pool for ‘Little Tortilis’ – the camp’s secluded Private House and Family Tent.

14)  Take it easy at Tortilis

Tortilis Camp has not one but two masseuses – Stellah and Alan – who are expert at helping you unwind.

15)  Big Life makes a big difference

Tortilis Camp supports Big Life Foundation, a non-profit organisation that manages the Kitirua Conservancy and employs 315 rangers, with 31 outposts and 15 vehicles protecting two million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem. At the helm of Big Life is the internationally-acclaimed photographer Nick Brandt who regularly stays at Tortilis Camp while taking his iconic shots of Amboseli’s elephants.

16)  Back to school

Through the Community Trust, a great many of our guests support the local Esiteti Primary School. Since late 2012, we have donated USD$20,000, mounds of school uniforms and sporting equipment, vast quantities of books, and a mere 377 pairs of shoes! Two separate visiting families have also taken the time to build a school volleyball court and football pitch!

17)  Four-legged fame

Amboseli is globally-renowned for its magnificent elephants – over 1,000 stroll its vast dusty plains, the most famous being Echo and her family, who were the stars of the BBC wildlife series.

18)  Studies on safari

Amboseli is home to the world’s longest-running elephant behaviour study by Cynthia Moss – the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Guests at camp are welcome to visit, with a donation of $800 (for up to 10 people).

19)  Animal antics

Every day brings remarkable wildlife sightings, but some of the most unusual include a den of snakes following a herd of gazelle, and sounder of warthogs sharing a den with a cackle of hyena.

20) Where it all began

The Kenya-Tanzania borderland area is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world and the birthplace of humankind. This area includes some of the best-known protected areas in the world, including Amboseli.

Honey-sweet Buzz at Tortilis Camp

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“Busy as a bee,” as the old saying goes, applies to almost everybody’s daily lives, including Tortilis Camp. A new honeybee project initiated by Tortilis and members of the local community means that busy bees are literally making the camp stays even sweeter.

Beehive at Tortilis Camp
Beehive at Tortilis Camp

Earlier this year, we brought in the hives in conjunction with African Beekeepers Association to stop the bees from making their hives in buildings around camp. The relocation involved the removal of several colonies from some rather bizarre places, like under the bar!

The hives have been placed on the hill above the solar plant at Tortilis Camp which should be a more peaceful location for the bees. The owners of the hives are members of the local community and they ensure the bees are carefully looked after. It’s great that bees, the camp and the community will benefit from the project. Tortilis Camp will receive around 20% of the total honey yield: some of the honey will be sold in the camp shop, some will go to the staff, and – sweetest of all – some honey will be used for guest meals.

Beehives Project at Tortilis Camp
Beehives Project at Tortilis Camp

The good news is that our buzzing friends will still be flying around camp but they will be much friendlier now that they have safe and comfortable new homes!

The first honey will be harvested around November and Tortilis Camp excitedly awaits that sweet day.

Come and taste for yourselves.

Andrea & Manuela


Tortilis Camp goes 100% solar!

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We are proud to announce that Tortilis Camp is now the first camp of its size in Kenya, if not, Africa, to operate on 100% Solar Power!

After months of hard work filled with calculations, negotiations, and installations of over 190 solar panels on a site larger than 500m², we are finally there! These panels power 48 batteries, each weighing 216kg. By going solar, we will be able to reduce our use of diesel by 28,000 litres a year, dropping our CO2 emissions by approximately 60 Tons per year!

Stefano & Tortilis Camp manager Andrea in the Solar Control Room
Stefano & Tortilis Camp manager Andrea in the Solar Control Room

The panels are positioned unobtrusively & are only visible from the air, so clients can enjoy silent, green 24 hour energy!

Tortilis Camp was one of the first ‘eco-lodges’ of its kind in East Africa winning the Tourism For Tomorrow Award after only one year in operation. Kitich Camp in the Mathews Range and Elephant Pepper Camp in the Masai Mara also run on 100% solar power. All our camps have either a Silver (Elsa’s Kopje, Kitich Camp, Tortilis Camp, Lewa Safari Camp) or a Gold eco-rating (Elephant Pepper Camp & Joy’s Camp).

In our pledge to be a leader in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, we continue to strive for Gold at all properties and there are plans to extend 100% solar energy amongst the entire portfolio of camps, so watch this space…

Stefano & Liz Cheli


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Welcome to the new Tortilis website, we will be sharing with you news from camp, including special wildlife sightings and exciting happenings in the conservancy. Best wishes Andrea and Manuela

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