Honey-sweet Buzz at Tortilis Camp

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“Busy as a bee,” as the old saying goes, applies to almost everybody’s daily lives, including Tortilis Camp. A new honeybee project initiated by Tortilis and members of the local community means that busy bees are literally making the camp stays even sweeter.

Beehive at Tortilis Camp
Beehive at Tortilis Camp

Earlier this year, we brought in the hives in conjunction with African Beekeepers Association to stop the bees from making their hives in buildings around camp. The relocation involved the removal of several colonies from some rather bizarre places, like under the bar!

The hives have been placed on the hill above the solar plant at Tortilis Camp which should be a more peaceful location for the bees. The owners of the hives are members of the local community and they ensure the bees are carefully looked after. It’s great that bees, the camp and the community will benefit from the project. Tortilis Camp will receive around 20% of the total honey yield: some of the honey will be sold in the camp shop, some will go to the staff, and – sweetest of all – some honey will be used for guest meals.

Beehives Project at Tortilis Camp
Beehives Project at Tortilis Camp

The good news is that our buzzing friends will still be flying around camp but they will be much friendlier now that they have safe and comfortable new homes!

The first honey will be harvested around November and Tortilis Camp excitedly awaits that sweet day.

Come and taste for yourselves.

Andrea & Manuela


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